Pro Shop Loot

Written by Rees Milikin
A few years ago I was visiting a friend in Detroit and spent the evening at his house having dinner and talking golf courses as we golf nerds are apt to do. My buddy is on a Top 100 quest as well and eventually the conversation veered to the topic of what we buy at pro shops when we visit a club. We both pretty much bought all the usual stuff like hats, shirts, belts and other items of logo apparel. As we sat there shaming one another over how More >

The Final Frontier In Logo Belts

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
As I travel around the country visiting golf clubs I often like to get a little memento of my visit. I've bought shirts, sweaters, hats and just about everything else that can be imagined. In the middle of last year I discovered and started buying my all time favorite pro shop apparel item . . . Peter Millar's woven cotton belt. Occasionally in the past I would pick up one of the ribbon belts that have been in pro shops for years, but I never really liked them that much More >

My New Travel Partner!

Written by Mark Pritchett
A few months ago I got a new toy. No, not a fancy new driver or an expensive new range finder . . . I got a new golf travel bag. Outside of my actual clubs this is the piece of golf equipment that I use more than any other. For years I had a Callaway travel bag that actually serviced me quite well. In fact, even after tens of thousands of miles logged on it that Callaway bag was in remarkably good shape. I finally decided to retire the More >

Oh, It Looks Good On You Though

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
I usually buy a hat whenever I visit a club. I figure its something I'll get some use out of and when it gets ruined - which it eventually will - I won't feel as bad about it as I would when a $90 shirt gets ruined. The end result is that I have a collection consisting of a solid 50-60 baseball caps. Most of them are practically brand new because I really only wear about 3 of them. It's a bit of a joke whenever someone comes in my More >

An Essential Item For All Itinerant Golfers

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
I haven't done a whole lot of product reviews on this website, but as I was storing my travel gear for the winter I tucked away an old friend that I thought I would mention . . . Club Glove's Stiff Arm. This may be the simplest and smartest thing I have ever purchased. Basically the Stiff Arm is a rod that fits into your golf bag and has a cap that is taller than your tallest club in the bag. If your bag is dropped on its head the More >

Little Known Fact About Headcovers

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
Here is a little known fact about headcovers . . . they are guaranteed to add 10 yards to your drives. Maybe not, but the way I see it everything I read in the golf media offers to add some extra yardage to my drives so headcovers must do the same. With the extra 10 yards I will gain for a new shoulder turn, a wider stance and a slightly stronger grip PLUS a new headcover, that adds up to 320 yard drives according to my calculations . . . More >

Papa Got A New Pair of Shoes

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
This website has been online for 5 years now and during that time I have never written any sort golf equipment review. I’m not really keen on jumping into such a heavily populated pool, so I’ve always avoided it. That said, I recently bought a golf product that I love so much I feel compelled to comment here. NOTE: Let me first start by saying that I have no equity stake or affiliation with any golf equipment or apparel company. I do not accept advertising on this website and I More >