Bill Satterfield

Bill Satterfield's Take on Wolf Creek Golf Club

St. George, Utah / Mesquite, Nevada | Wolf Creek Golf Club

Architect: Dennis Ryder
Year: 2000

403 Paradise Parkway, Mesquite, Nevada 89027
(702) 346-1670

driving range available
motorized carts available
affiliated resort accommodations

What to Expect:  Wow, wow, wow. If you looked up the definition of “Wow Factor” in a golf dictionary you are sure to find several photos of the Wolf Creek Golf Club in Mesquite, Nevada. This spectacular course looks like a fantasy course designed for a video game with huge forced carries, stunning arroyos, brilliant white bunkers, attractive water features, and some of the best views Nevada offers. EA Sports recognized how impressive Wolf Creek would look in the virtual world and started featuring the course on the world’s best selling golf video game of all-time; Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf. The course features gas powered carts and plenty of speed bumbs on the cart paths to handle the extreme terrain Wolf Creek is carved through. The gitty feeling I got the first time I played at Wolf Creek was the same sensation I had as a kid on my first trip to Disneyland. For a golfer, Wolf Creek is like being a kid at a candy store without the stomach ache. In fact, Wolf Creek could probably make a sizeable amount of money charging admission to spectators looking to simply drive through the course like a national park. In the end, Wolf Creek will “wow” you – guaranteed.

Signature Hole:  I have to admit that I roll my eyes whenever I here some golf course declare, “At our course there are 18th signature holes, not just one.” Blah, blah, blah. But never has that statement been closer to reality than at Wolf Creek. At virtually every tee box golfers will step up onto the tee box and declare, “Wow!” There are several favorite holes at Wolf Creek that could qualify as the signature; holes like #2, #5, #8, #12, #14, and #17 come to mind. But since you can’t name just one, this panoramic view from the 2nd tee will give you a taste of what is in store for you at Wolf Creek.

Wolf Creek 2nd tee to clubhouse 2013

Individual Hole Analysis

Best Par 3:  8th – 248 yards – This hole epitomizes everything that Wolf Creek represents; difficult and beautiful. A creek comes into the hole from the left and runs to the front of the green before wrapping around to the left and behind the green where it waterfalls and heads off to the 9th hole. From the tee it doesn’t look like there is any forgiveness outside of the putting service, but there actually is some unviewable room to the right of the green. It is a long, spectacular hole with a gorgeous green site.

Wolf Creek 8th 2013

Best Par 4:  14th – 444 yards – Welcome to the most photographed hole at Wolf Creek and one of my favorite par fours in the West. This swooping right to left hole capes along top the Mesquite desert and features a series of six bunkers that hug the inside of the dogleg. Anything left of the fairway is virtually guaranteed to produce no better than a bogey and the further right you can be of the vertebrae humps in the fairway the better angle you have at the green and thus chance at par. A great visual hole that is fun and challenging to play.

Wolf Creek 14th 2013

Best Par 5:  17th – 560 yards – The final par five at Wolf Creek is its finest and most strategic. This excellent risk/reward hole tests players going for the green in two by requiring players to hit a towering approach shot over a river to a peninsula green. Eight bunkers are scattered throughout hole that plays from an elevated tee down through a chute between the natural Nevada mountains and is not only a sight to be seen, but one to be played.

Wolf Creek 17th 2013

Birdie Time:  15th – 137 yards – With a slope of 154 from the tips, it is obvious that there aren’t many easy holes at Wolf Creek. But the course lets up for a brief moment at the 15th and you better take advantage of it. With a guaranteed perfect lie from the tee box and a wedge in your hand there is virtually no excuse to miss this green. So knock it close and roll in your birdie putt.

Wolf Creek 15th 2013

Bogey Beware:  3rd – 227 yards – I’ve played plenty of difficult holes, but none that are quite as crazy as the 3rd hole at Wolf Creek. 227 yards is a solid length par three, but when you need the loft of an 8-iron and the distance of a 5-wood to reach a green you can’t really see you almost don’t know what to do, especially since there isn’t a layup area. To add to the misery, there are three bunkers surrounding the difficult green. Par isn’t a good score here, it is flat out phenomenal!

Wolf Creek 3rd 2013