When To Visit Pinehurst

When is the best time to visit Pinehurst?

As with any golf trip, the biggest question is when to go. Pinehurst is playable year round, though the winter months can be a little dodgy and may not the best time to plan a once in a lifetime trip to the area.

As is fairly typical with east coast golf destinations the most moderate temperatures are found in the shoulder seasons which include the months of March, April, May, September and October. Summer months are great as well, but do come prepared for the possibility of playing in extreme heat and humidity . . . this is the south after all! Being just a 3 1/2 hour drive from Pinehurst I watch the forecast for nice days in the wintertime and often see opportunities to make a quick trip and take advantage of off season rates, so don’t rule out visiting during November through February if you live nearby . . . you are likely to have the entire place to yourself!

There does not appear to be a rainy season for Pinehurst as the average rainfall for the entire year seems to fall between 3 to 5 inches. Keep an eye on the forecast leading up to your trip and make sure you pack the appropriate gear. There’s nothing worse than leaving rain gear at home and having to buy it while you are on your trip.

For those who like to get in 36 holes a day, the longer daylight hours start in March and continue all the way through mid-October. Playing 36 in the winter is certainly possible but the morning may be cold and possibly frost delayed so it is not a guarantee.

Below is some data on the weather and daylight conditions to help you decide on what will be the best time for your visit.
Daylight Jan. 1: 7:26AM – 5:15PM
Daylight Jan. 31: 7:18AM – 5:45PM
Average High/Low: 50° / 30°
Average Rainfall: 3.88 inches
Daylight Feb. 1: 7:17am – 5:46pm
Daylight Feb. 28: 6:49am – 6:12pm
Average High/Low: 54° / 33°
Average Rainfall: 3.67 inches
Daylight Mar. 1: 6:48am – 6:13pm
Daylight Mar. 31: 7:06am – 7:38pm
Average High/Low: 62° / 38°
Average Rainfall: 4.04 inches
Daylight Apr. 1: 7:05am – 7:39pm
Daylight Apr. 30: 6:28am – 8:02pm
Average High/Low: 72° / 46°
Average Rainfall: 3.05 inches
Daylight May 1: 6:27am – 8:03pm
Daylight May 31: 6:05am – 8:26pm
Average High/Low: 79° / 55°
Average Rainfall: 3.09 inches
Daylight Jun. 1: 6:05am – 8:27pm
Daylight Jun. 30: 6:07am – 8:36pm
Average High/Low: 86° / 64°
Average Rainfall: 4.05 inches
Daylight Jul. 1: 6:07am – 8:36pm
Daylight Jul. 31: 6:26am – 8:23pm
Average High/Low: 89° / 68°
Average Rainfall: 5.03 inches
Daylight Aug. 1: 6:27am – 8:22pm
Daylight Aug. 31: 6:49am – 7:47pm
Average High/Low: 87° / 67°
Average Rainfall: 5.12 inches
Daylight Sept. 1: 6:50am – 7:46pm
Daylight Sept. 30: 7:12am – 7:04pm
Average High/Low: 82° / 60°
Average Rainfall: 4.22 inches
Daylight Oct. 1: 7:12am – 7:03pm
Daylight Oct. 31: 7:38am – 6:25pm
Average High/Low: 72° / 49°
Average Rainfall: 3.72 inches
Daylight Nov. 1: 7:39am – 6:24pm
Daylight Nov. 30: 7:07am – 5:06pm
Average High/Low: 63° / 42°
Average Rainfall: 3.32 inches
Daylight Dec. 1: 7:08am – 5:06pm
Daylight Dec. 31: 7:26am – 5:15pm
Average High/Low: 53° / 33°
Average Rainfall: 3.27 inches
Please feel free to leave comments below about your favorite time of year to visit Pinehurst
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