When to Visit Bandon Dunes

When is the best time to visit Bandon Dunes?

Probably the biggest question in planning a Bandon Dunes golf trip is when to go. Because of the relatively moderate climate on the coast of Oregon golf is played at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort all year long. That said, different times of the year offer different experiences. The rainiest months seem to be January, February, March, November and December which is reflected in the resort’s discounted rates during these months.

Another big factor to be considered is the amount of daylight available at different times of the year. For guests who want to play 36 or 54 holes this is a major consideration. With the summer solstice coming in late June the longest days of the year are going to be around that time and the shortest days will start in late November and continue through early March. That said, with the proper planning and tee times it is possible to play 36 holes even on the shortest days of the year.

As with most locales around the U.S. the warmest temperatures are going to come in the summer months and the coldest in the winter. Do keep in mind that the temperatures are fairly mild on the Oregon coast and rarely drop below freezing . . . or for that matter rise into the 80s.

Without question Bandon Dunes can be enjoyed year round and below is all of the pertinent data for each month to help you decide the best time for your trip.

NOTE: the discounts listed below are approximations. Contact Bandon Dunes Golf Resorts for exact pricing details.
Daylight Jan. 1: 7:50AM – 4:52PM
Daylight Jan. 31: 7:35AM – 5:27PM
Average High/Low: 55° / 40°
Average Rainfall: 9.46 inches
Rates: approx 65% off peak season
Daylight Feb. 1: 7:33am – 5:30pm
Daylight Feb. 28: 6:56am – 6:05pm
Average High/Low: 56° / 39°
Average Rainfall: 7.49 inches
Rates: approx 55% off peak season
Daylight Mar. 1: 6:53am – 6:08pm
Daylight Mar. 31: 7:00am – 7:44pm
Average High/Low: 57° / 41°
Average Rainfall: 7.01 inches
Rates: approx 50% off peak season
Daylight Apr. 1: 6:59am – 7:45pm
Daylight Apr. 30: 6:12am – 8:17pm
Average High/Low: 58° / 42°
Average Rainfall: 4.51 inches
Rates: approx 25% off peak season
Daylight May 1: 6:10am – 8:20pm
Daylight May 31: 5:41am – 8:50pm
Average High/Low: 62° / 45°
Average Rainfall: 3.22 inches
Rates: Peak Season
Daylight Jun. 1: 5:41am – 8:51pm
Daylight Jun. 30: 5:42am – 9:01pm
Average High/Low: 65° / 49°
Average Rainfall: 1.72 inches
Rates: Peak Season
Daylight Jul. 1: 5:42am – 9:01pm
Daylight Jul. 31: 6:08am – 8:41pm
Average High/Low: 68° / 52°
Average Rainfall: .39 inches
Rates: Peak Season
Daylight Aug. 1: 6:09am – 8:38pm
Daylight Aug. 31: 6:41am – 7:53pm
Average High/Low: 68° / 51°
Average Rainfall: .61 inches
Rates: Peak Season
Daylight Sept. 1: 6:43am – 7:51pm
Daylight Sept. 30: 7:15am – 7:00pm
Average High/Low: 67° / 49°
Average Rainfall: 1.32 inches
Rates: Peak Season
Daylight Oct. 1: 7:15am – 7:00pm
Daylight Oct. 31: 7:51am – 6:11pm
Average High/Low: 64° / 45°
Average Rainfall: 3.99 inches
Rates: Peak Season
Daylight Nov. 1: 7:53am – 6:09pm
Daylight Nov. 30: 7:29am – 4:44pm
Average High/Low: 58° / 42°
Average Rainfall: 8.88 inches
Nov. Rates: approx 40-65% off Peak Season
Daylight Dec. 1: 7:30am – 4:43pm
Daylight Dec. 31: 7:49am – 4:53pm
Average High/Low: 54° / 39°
Average Rainfall: 10.32 inches
Rates: approx 65% off peak season

Please feel free to leave comments below about your favorite time of year to visit Bandon Dunes
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