What to Pack for a Trip to Bandon Dunes

What exactly should I pack for a trip to Bandon Dunes?

The answer to this question all depends on the time of year you will be visiting. That said there are a couple of universal truths that apply regardless of what time of year you will be there. Below is a short check list of items that should be considered for any trip to Bandon Dunes.
Long Pants – As can be seen on the When To Visit Bandon Dunes page, it never really gets HOT on the coast of Oregon and long pants can be worn comfortably just about all year long. If your trip is during the summer I would certainly suggest bringing some shorts, but don’t forget to bring along some long pants as it is likely to get cool at some point during your stay.

Rain Gear – You never know what kind of weather will blow in from the coast and it’s best to be prepared. When rain is coupled with high winds the moisture will blow right through a cheap rain suit, so I would strongly advise getting some serious rain gear. I’m not talking about one of those flimsy “water resistant” windbreakers you would wear at home in a light sprinkle, but rather the type of gear worn by PGA Tour players when they play in the rain or what golfers from Scotland wear. If heavy rain falls during your trip having quality rain gear will be the difference between having fun and being miserable. The good news is that if you forget to bring your rain gear the Bandon Dunes pro shops are well stocked with some of the finest gear available.

Rain Gloves – These are a game changer for playing in the rain. I’ve played in the rain both with and without rain gloves and I’m here to tell you that they make playing in wet conditions MUCH easier. Get a pair and throw them in your bag so you’ve always got them handy. Again, this is something that makes a difference between having fun and being miserable if it rains on your trip.

Extra Shoes – This is a no brainer if rain is in the forecast. There is nothing worse that putting on a pair of wet shoes. Having a second pair means that you can start your second round of the day with dry shoes AND the wet shoes will have a little longer to dry out before they have to go back into service. Some of the lodging options at Bandon Dunes have shoe dryers in them which is a really nice feature. If your room does not have a dryer check with the staff as they are very accommodating when it comes to helping the resort guests dry their shoes and clothing.

Extra Socks – If you’re not changing shoes between rounds I would strongly encourage at least changing socks . . . especially if it raining.

Variety of Clothes – Since the weather can change considerably over a short period of time on the Oregon coast it is best to be prepared for all weather conditions. When dressing to play it’s all about having plenty of layers so that you can stay comfortable with unexpected changes in temperature, wind and rain. You will be much happier if you over pack than if you under pack. Don’t be afraid to bring a sweater for a trip in July. Being prepared for anything is never a bad idea when planning for a Bandon Dunes golf trip.
Please feel free to leave your comments below about what other items are must haves for a Bandon Dunes golf vacation.
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