What to Expect from Bandon Dunes

What should I expect from the whole Bandon Dunes experience?
You should expect to experience golf in America like you never have before. With the courses all being links style golf, Bandon Dunes is not like any other American golf experience. One of the things that first caught me off guard was that the courses look completely different than what I was used to. The greens didn’t have collars or fringe around them with the fairways rolling neatly into the greens with little distinction between the two. The grass is fescue which is not a grass that is commonly used on other American courses. The courses are also very firm. Because of the type of soil the courses were built on, even with heavy rain the fairways and greens will remain quite firm and will allow for ground oriented shots that would not be possible on typical American golf courses.

The courses play completely different from other American courses in that an aerial assault is not always the best approach for getting the ball from tee to green. Expect to play shots that you would not consider or be able to play at your home course. Bump and run is your best friend at Bandon Dunes and don’t be surprised at all when the caddie pulls your putter from 30 yards off the green. With the wind being such a factor it is absolutely essential to play against it and the high arching shots that many of us are used to hitting simply will not be effective in many cases.

Expect that you will be tired. After walking 36 holes a day most people will find little gas left in the tank. Often it takes all the energy one can muster to get cleaned up, eat dinner and get into bed. Bandon Dunes is the ultimate golf escape and having this much fun can be exhausting.

The resort amenities at Bandon Dunes are excellent and you will feel like you are an important and valued customer. I will personally never forget the van driver who volunteered to dry our rain gear while we ate lunch so that we would start our second round of the day completely warm and dry. It has been my experience that the entire staff, from the caddies to the servers in the restaurant, are interested in making sure you have a good time and that you have what you need to do so.

Finally, visitors to Bandon Dunes should expect to have FUN and leave the resort with a great feeling. A destination doesn’t get the name “Golf Nirvana” or “Golf Camp” for no reason. Visitors who come prepared for fun, don’t worry too much about their score and keep an open mind to the weather will leave the property with a warm feeling of contentment that will last a long time.
Please feel free to leave your comments below about what to expect from the Bandon Dunes experience.
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