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The Itinerant Golfer's Take on Westchester Country Club (West)

Westchester Country Club (West)

Architect: Walter Travis
Year: 1922

99 Biltmore Avenue, Rye, New York 1891
(914) 967-6000

driving range available
motorized golf carts and caddies available
on-site accommodations

The West Course at Westchester Country Club is best known for hosting an annual PGA Tour event between the years of 1967 and 2007. When the event, now known as The Barclays, became part of the season ending FedEx Cup playoffs the powers that be decided the location would be a rotating one. 2007 was the last year that Westchester Country Club hosted the tournament and as far as I know there are no plans in the immediate future for the event to return.

As I mentioned in my profile of the South Course I was here with my friends Jay, Rob and Steve to play in our annual 4 man tournament we call the Fred S. Ridley Cup. The tournament consists of a one fourball match, one foursomes alternate shot match and four singles matches (two for each of us). The singles matches were all played on the West Course which is clearly the tougher test between WCC’s two courses.

I went into some of the history on WCC in my profile of the South Course so I’m going to cut straight to the chase here. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get a whole lot of photos from the West Course despite playing it twice. We were engaged in some pretty heated matches and I was a little more focused on my game than I was in clicking photos. Below are a few of the ones that turned out decent.

Here is a look at the 2nd hole from the tee box. I really liked this hole as its necessary to take the cross hazard into consideration. Longer hitters may need to lay up short of the creek.
Westchester Country Club West Course
The approach into the green is uphill and requires a little extra club which will make it a mid to long iron for many players.
Westchester Country Club West Course
The 4th hole is a shortish par 4. I forgot to get a scorecard from this course so I don’t remember how long the hole is, but I do remember hitting a 9 iron into the elevated green both times we played the course. Note the rock formations down the left side of the hole. The West Course has a fair bit of this all around the course which gives it an interesting feel.
Westchester Country Club West Course
Here is a look at the 4th green. Balls that end up on the wrong side of the swale make for an interesting putt to the hole.
Westchester Country Club West Course
I really liked the 8th hole even though I played it terrible both times. The hole plays uphill all the way and really shouldn’t be near as difficult as I made it. I do like holes that seem fairly straight forward but can be punishing if you get off track. I went left both times I played this hole and it is very easy to make a mess of things from under those trees.
Westchester Country Club West Course
Here is a view from over on the right side of the 8th green.
Westchester Country Club West Course
The 12th hole, a par 4, is a good example of the topography of this course. The drive goes down a steep hill and then back up for the approach shot into the green.
Westchester Country Club West Course
I also really liked the 16th hole which is a short par 4 that allows for the option of hitting to the right of the tree with a 200 yard shot or bombing a driver over the tree and trying to get it as close to the green as possible. Both times around I opted for the driver and both times I made bogey. Taking the driver line can leave the ball in some thick native grass that can be difficult to hit out of which is something I should have been smart enough to learn after my first attempt!
Westchester Country Club West Course
Even though I lost both of my singles matches (and ultimately the Ridley Cup) I really liked the West Course. The topography and variety makes for an excellent every day course. I don’t think I would ever tire of playing this fun collection of holes day in and day out. With The Barclays firmly entrenched in the New York metro area, I hope that we will eventually see the tournament return to Westchester Country Club at some point in the future.

  • Gregory Turley

    Great looking course. Remember how Kramer played there in exchange for the Cuban cigars? “I can’t go back to the public courses Jerry! I won’t!”

    • The Itinerant Golfer

      Hahaha!!! I totally forgot that WCC was the course Kramer traded the cubans to play. Great comment!!!

  • Ryan

    Great episode. Especially when Kramer asks Jerry to bring him back some Cubans in Florida, and they’re real people. “They’re real Cubans, they’re real human beings, from Cuba!”