Bill Satterfield

Bill Satterfield's Take on Troon North Golf Club (Pinnacle)

Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona | Troon North Golf Club (Pinnacle)

Architect: Tom Weiskopf
Year: 2007

10320 East Dynamite Boulevard, Scottsdale, Arizona 85262-5662
(888) 876-6687

driving range available
motorized carts available

What to Expect:  Since the rerouting work that Tom Weiskopf did in 2007, the Pinnacle course at Troon North has risen to new heights. Large natural desert foliage and cactus densely surround the course while large boulders are all scattered throughout. Since the rerouting, the Pinnacle course doesn’t feature a driveable par four that Weiskopf has became famous for in his layouts. Fortunately for the Pinnacle course though, it ended up with the best overall collection of holes and is now regarded by many publications as the best public course in Arizona.

Signature Hole:  10th – 407 Yard Par 5

Troon North Golf Club

Individual Hole Analysis

Best Par 3:  Pinnacle 16th – 140 Yards

Troon North Golf Club

Best Par 4:  Pinnacle 1st – 392 Yards

Troon North Golf Club

Best Par 5:  Pinnacle 5th – 541 Yards

Troon North Golf Club

Birdie Time:  Pinnacle 16th – 140 Yard Par 3

Troon North Golf Club

Bogey Beware:  Pinnacle 14th – 609 Yard Par 5

Troon North Golf Club