Bill Satterfield

Bill Satterfield's Take on Troon North Golf Club (Monument)

Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona | Troon North Golf Club (Monument)

Architect: Tom Weiskopf
Year: 2007

10320 East Dynamite Boulevard, Scottsdale, Arizona 85262-5662
(888) 876-6687

driving range available
motorized carts available

What to Expect:  The Monument course at Troon North gets its name from the large monument boulder found in the middle of the 3rd fairway. Troon North hit the scene with a bang as it made its way into the Top 100 public courses in America and was attracting patrons from across the country. Like many Arizona courses, the Monument course is a target style track that requires precision unless you want to give your cleats a beating in the desert. In addition to the man-made hazards, a natural wash runs through the property and delivers extra excitement and challenge. The 2007 rerouting of the Troon North courses left the Monument course with two driveable par 4s rather than just one like the original layout offered.

Signature Hole:  Monument 3rd – 564 Yard Par 5

Troon North Golf Club

Individual Hole Analysis

Best Par 3:  Monument 2nd – 172 Yards

Troon North Golf Club

Best Par 4:  Monument 6th – 306 Yards

Troon North Golf Club

Best Par 5:  Monument 3rd – 564 Yards

Troon North Golf Club

Birdie Time:  Monument 15th – 299 Yard Par 4

Troon North Golf Club

  • lbandito1 .

    The two courses at troon north sit on the prettiest land in Scottsdale. When I played them for the first time back in 1996, the pinnacle course didn’t have a single house on it and it was stupefyingly beautiful. Even now, with houses everywhere, these two courses are your fantasy desert course realized. If someone had never played in the Sonoran desert, only had time to play one track, and asked my advice, we ko pa is cool and all, but I think I’d have to send them to troon north.