Top 100 List Challenge

Pacific Dunes Hole 10 copy
Over the weekend I discovered a cool little website through Facebook that lets users create lists, check off how many of the list items they have done and then challenge their Facebook friends to post a better score. There are lists that ask anything from the number of states you have visited to how many classic 1970s sitcoms you have seen. I, of course, thought it was a perfect format for Top 100 golf courses and spent some time over the weekend creating challenges for the four major lists of Top 100 American golf courses. Click the links below to test yourself and see how many you have played. My scores are in bold just underneath each list link.

Golf Digest Top 100 in America
Itinerant Golfer’s score: 91 / 100

Golf Digest Top 100 in America Public
Itinerant Golfer’s score: 31 / 100

Golf Magazine Top 100 in America
Itinerant Golfer’s score: 77 / 100

Golf Magazine Top 100 in America Public
Itinerant Golfer’s score: 26 / 100

My scores on the public course lists are pathetic!! Who’s got me beat? I’m sure there’s lots of people who have me beat on the public lists and certainly some who have me beat on the private/public lists as well.

Have fun! Be sure to share on Facebook and post your scores below!

  • Andrew Ganey

    Definitely not up to your stature yet, but thanks for passing the game along! Anytime you need a playing partner, you just say where and I’m on a plane, train, boat……



  • David Hilgart

    28 on GD Public and 26 on GM Public…no point in my taking the private ones. I was once well on my way to achieving your levels, at least on the public courses…then came the children. Got the musings for my company, while playing at Bandon Dunes when it was still just 36 holes. Cool idea…thanks!

  • Greg Shields

    I need to get out more. 🙂


  • Jimmy

    5, 12, 5, and 13. Got some work to do on the private tracks!

  • Wayne Freeman

    Wayne Freeman
    62 just get me on Augusta!!!

  • Golf Nomad

    GD: 10
    GD Public: 27
    GM: 11
    GM Public: 30

    Haven’t played many big private courses, but did play Cypress last year, so that’s a big one. GM’s list keeps changing. Have played a number of other courses that were on lists from years past, but not on current list. Thanks for sharing these links. Fun to check off the lists.

  • Billy Satterfield


    That was done over the last nine years which included adding four more children to the two I already had.

  • I just discovered your site as I am new to the world of golf blogging. Your site is AWESOME! I’d like your permission to link to some of your reviews as I work towards my own goals. You can find me at

    Here are my scores:


    You have a beautiful site!!

  • Adam Joyce

    I’d like to see the Golfweek Top 100 Classic and Top 100 Modern added to this challenge