Top 100 Golf Quest E-Newsletter Vol. 9

Hello Family, Friends and Golf Partners!

It has been a while since I sent a Top 100 update and its mostly because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time. Since my last “newsletter” in January the Top 100 quest has been moving along at full speed. I’m currently up to 56 courses which means I have surpassed the halfway point. Last night just before midnight I returned from 3 days at the incredible Sand Hills Golf Club in Mullen, Nebrasaka which ended my 60 day golf marathon. During this time I made 5 golf trips and hit courses in 7 different states, took 22 flights and traveled 17,000 miles by air and 1,200 miles by car. I played 11 courses from the list, half a dozen non-list courses and a played a grand total of more than 45 rounds of golf including the ones I played at home in Richmond. My clubs did not arrive home with me from Nebraska last night and I’m a bit relieved to have a little break from them.

Since my last update in January I’ve added notes on a whole bunch of new courses as well as several journal entries to Here is a list of the courses that have been added since my last update:

The Honors Course
East Lake Golf Club
Kiawah Island Club -Cassique
Stone Canyon Club
Mayacama Golf Club
San Francisco Golf Club
The Olympic Club
Eugene Country Club
Pacific Dunes
Bandon Trails

Courses I’ve played and will be coming to the website as soon as I can catch up are Bandon Dunes, Garden City Golf Club, Victoria National, Valhalla and Sand Hills. I’ll also be starting a new section on the website that will have photos and notes about the great non list courses I’ve played. I’ll be adding some old posts from my previous website (Bayonne, Rockaway Hunting Club, Colonial) as well as adding Old MacDonald and Camargo Club which I’ve played recently.

Next month I’ll be heading to Chicago for Chicago Golf Club, Medinah and Shoreacres. Later in August I’ll be making a short trip up to Pittsburgh for Oakmont Country Club. September brings Kansas and Oklahoma and then I think I’m going to take a break for the rest of the year. I’m a little tired of flying and am looking forward to a taking a bit of a break. If it works out I’ll try and play a couple of places nearby that are driveable from Richmond to round the year out. If all goes well I’ll end the year out with 65 courses completed.

If you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to check out my website at I hope all is well with everyone and please let me know if your work or travels bring you to Richmond so that we can get together for golf or at the very least a beer. Thanks again for everyone’s support. I hope you all are having a great summer!