Top 100 Golf Quest E-Newsletter Vol. 20

Hello to all my family, friends and fellow golf fanatics!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday and is enjoying a great summer so far. My Top 100 quest has been a little slow here at the beginning of 2013, but I’ve been continuing to chip away at my goal. So far this year I have played 3 new Top 100 courses (for a total of 81) and was able to return to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort to revisit all four of the Top 100 courses there. Fortunately I had MUCH better weather this time around and I was able to take some photos and have posted new profiles for each course (see links below). In addition to the Top 100 courses I have also been able to visit some other notable courses that I have profiled here as well. It’s been a little bit of a slow start in 2013, but things are really starting to pick up as summer arrives and with fall on the horizon. I plan to have visited somewhere north of 90 Top 100 courses by the end of the year.

The big news here continues to be the relaunch of my website. With the help of my friends at Release The Hounds I have been working like crazy to get the new design completed and all of the existing content transferred over. The good news is that we are VERY close and I think the new site is going to be really awesome, easy to use, and fun to interact with. I’ve shown a beta version to a couple of people and the feedback has been really positive, so I’m optimistic that everyone will like it when we (HOPEFULLY) launch in early September.

One big change to the new site is that it is not going to be named as originally planned. There were some copyright issues with that name so the new site is going to be As planned, I will continue to chronicle my Top 100 quest to the bitter end and will also be posting more general golf travel and golf lifestyle content. Something else exciting is that the new site will be set up in a way that other golf nuts and golf bloggers will be able to submit course profiles or other golf related posts to be published. If you are interested in being a contributor shoot me an email by clicking HERE and tell me a little bit about yourself.

Top 100 Courses
Whispering Pines / Trinity, Texas
Sahalee Country Club / Sammamish, Washington
Pacific Dunes / Bandon, Oregon
Old Macdonald / Bandon, Oregon
Bandon Trails / Bandon, Oregon
Bandon Dunes / Bandon, Oregon

Other Courses
Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club
Chambers Bay / University Place, Washington
Bandon Preserve / Bandon, Oregon

National Skin Cancer Awareness Month
My New Travel Partner
Dark & Stormy at Kittansett Club

Augusta National, Aunt Jenks and the 10th Hole

Augusta National & The Masters: A Photographers Scrapbook
Golf Finest Par Threes: The Art & Science of the One-Shot Hole
18 in America
Roy: The 78 Year Old Champion
Miracle At Merion

I hope everyone continues to have a great summer and as always thank you to all of my supporters and well wishers. I’ll be sending out an announcement when launches and I hope that everyone continues to enjoy it as much as they have enjoyed Safe travels this summer!