Top 100 Golf Quest E-Newsletter Vol. 10

Happy Holidays Friends, Family and Golf Enthusiasts,
This is my year end wrap up newsletter and I’m happy to report that 2010 has been a stellar year for the Top 100 Golf Odyssey. As it stands right now I have played 62 of the Top 100 courses, so I guess you could say I’m on the back stretch.

Over the course of 2010 I played 18 more list courses as well as a half a dozen other architecturally or historically significant courses across the country – some for the first time and some were repeat visits. During 2010 I played golf in Arizona, California, Oregon, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Nebraska, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina . . . covering right at 1/3 of the states in the union in one year. That was one seriously busy year full of new locations, new golf courses and new friends . . . and of course fun.

As for my golf game the progress there as been good as well. I managed to finally break 80 this year for the first time and have whittled my handicap down to a single digit (at least for now). I owe my tireless teacher Warren a huge thanks for sticking with me when all seemed lost.

Since my last update in June I’ve added the following courses to my site:

Bandon Dunes / Bandon, OR (1999)
Garden City Golf Club / Garden City, NY (1899)
Victoria National Golf Club / Newburgh, IN (1998)
Valhalla Golf Club / Louisville, KY (1986)
Sand Hills Golf Club / Mullen, NE (1995)
Chicago Golf Club / Wheaton, IL (1894/1923)
Shoreacres / Lake Bluff, IL (19210
Flint Hills National Golf Club / Andover, KS (1997)
Prairie Dunes Country Club / Hutchinson, KS (1937/1957)

I have posts that will go up over the winter for Southern Hills, Shoal Creek, Old MacDonald, Camargo Club, Bob-O-Link, Dormie Club and Yeaman’s Hall, so please check in over the cold months when you are not on the course for your golf fix.

As for 2011, I’m hoping next year will be as successful and fun as 2010 was. I’m planning to head to Florida in January or February for the first trip of the year. After that I’ve got a great number of exciting plans on the schedule, but am waiting to solidify them until the new Golf Digest Top 100 list comes out April 1. Once I’ve seen which courses I’ve played that have fallen off and which ones are added to the list I’ll begin to really lock down my 2011 plans. I’m hoping that the damage to my progress by the list change will be limited.

As always, thank you all for your support and encouragement in this endeavor. Without all of you this would simply not be possible.

Please have a happy and safe holiday season and a happy and healthy 2011. See you all next year!!!