This Golfing Life

by Michael Bamberger

I was surprised that had never heard of this book when a friend recommended it to me a few months ago. What made my ignorance all the more surprising (at least, surprising to me) is that when I opened the book to the front page I saw that it was dedicated to someone I know! What a small world golf can be.

So, I had a trip to the Dominican Republic planned and I decided to save this book for the flight which turned out to be a great idea as it timed out nearly perfectly that the book kept me entertained for the duration of both my travel days. Michael Bamberger’s book is written for golf junkies, by a golf junkie. The book essentially amounts to the author’s memoirs of a life lived within the game of golf as a caddie, writer and club swinging enthusiast. From PGA Tour stories to scandals at elite American golf clubs there is a little bit of everything in this book and I enjoyed every page. I highly recommend it for a fun and enjoyable read.

  • Tim Gallant


    Just bought this book off your recommendation for my long flight back to the States. Can’t wait!


    • The Itinerant Golfer

      Enjoy Tim and safe travels!!

  • I enjoy MIchael Bamberger books. His to the Linksland is by far my favorite and I recommend it to golfers and not-golfers. super book