The Story of Seminole

The Story of Seminole James Dodson

by James Dodson
I love a good club history book and The Story of Seminole is one of the best I’ve seen. This book is loaded with club history as well as incredible golf course photos. Truly a top notch golf publication. It is a wonderful addition to any golf book collection. This book has never been offered to the public so it can be very difficult to find and usually quite pricey. In my opinion it’s worth every penny.

  • Wow. Interesting 🙂 Where did you buy it?

    • The Itinerant Golfer

      I bought it in the pro shop when I visited Seminole. Pre-owned copies can occasionally be found on E-bay or or Amazon. Good luck!!!

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  • Michelle Kelly

    I just put a brand new, never been opened one up on Amazon.