The Golden Age of Golf Design

by Geoff Shackelford

This is a seriously cool must have book for golf course nerds. Not only is the book loaded with great information about all the golf course architects from the golden era, but the historic photos of classic courses are priceless. It’s amazing to see how different most of the courses looked in their infancy and before golf courses were quite so “manicured”. I bought and read this book about 10 years ago and had completely forgotten just how cool it was until I pulled it off the shelf just recently. From what I see on Amazon it would appear that this book has become a bit of a collectors item. For anyone interested in the golf courses of this era it’s worth the high price and I’m glad (and lucky!) I picked one up when I did.

  • Ben

    So true that this book is a must have for golf nerds. It’s a great way to get to know the best Golden Age architects and to see how the courses looked when they were built. Don’t see too many tree lined holes like you do today!

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