The Fishers Island Club and its Golf Links

by Charles B. Ferguson & Pierce Rafferty

This is a really cool and a really difficult book to find. In fact, the only place I have ever seen it is in the Fishers Island Club proshop. The book does a great job of telling the detailed history of Fishers Island Club and giving a detailed profile of the golf course. One of the things that I really enjoyed were the vintage photos of the original clubhouse which was an absolutely incredible structure that burned to the ground in 1963. Also of interest are some of the aerial photos taken in the late 1990s that show the fairways with a golden brown hue like many of the original links courses in the United Kingdom. In the heyday of lush green golf courses this was a bold move by the Fishers Island Club maintenance staff. The hole by hole analysis of the course is also great reading for any golf nerd. This book is very hard to find as far as I know, so if you see one its worth grabbing it. I normally put a link to Amazon on these book review pages, but in this instance I’m not even sure it’s worth it. If you’re interested in picking this book up you’ll have to either visit Fishers Island or scour the internet for it. Good luck!