The Final Frontier In Logo Belts

As I travel around the country visiting golf clubs I often like to get a little memento of my visit. I’ve bought shirts, sweaters, hats and just about everything else that can be imagined. In the middle of last year I discovered and started buying my all time favorite pro shop apparel item . . . Peter Millar’s woven cotton belt. Occasionally in the past I would pick up one of the ribbon belts that have been in pro shops for years, but I never really liked them that much so they never got much wear. The Peter Millar belts caught my eye because they just look cool. The club logos are embroidered in perfect detail, the buckle is silver instead of gold, and the whole belt in general just has a thicker and heftier look than all the other offerings found in golf pro shops. To top all that off, not only do they look better than the expensive needlepoint belts sold in a lot of pro shops, but the retail price is about HALF of the $165 that the needlepoint belts sell for. Throw in a “Made In USA” tag over “Made in Vietnam” and it’s a home run.

The vendor that makes the belts for Peter Millar is active on social media and as much as I hate to admit it, I am following them and I love seeing the photos come across my news feeds with the latest logo belts they are stitching up . . . yes, I know exactly how nerdy that sounds, but I’m going to go ahead and just own the fact that I’m following a belt manufacturer. If you want to follow them click the following links for their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Next time you’re in a pro shop looking for a cool keepsake to buy make sure to check out the belt rack and see if they’re stocking the Peter Millar belts. also has the belts with with Peter Millar crown logo which looks really cool. Here’s a few photos for the other logo belt nerds out there, enjoy . . .
Wade Hampton 2
Peter Millar logo
Peter Millar Belt Eagle Point
Fishers Island
Friars Head
Peter Millar belt crown logo
Peter Millar belt Peachtree
Peter Millar Belt Charlotte Country Club
Peter Millar logo belt

  • Ed

    Steve – I dont know whats worse – you taking the time to write an article about belts or me taking the time to read every last word of it.

  • CBusGolfers

    I like ’em! Who’s the vendor on Twitter?

    • golftripper

      @TIMUSS:disqus click the links in the text above for the FB, Twitter and Instagram feeds

  • Hill Washburne

    I have one from Shinnecock and pine valley what about your collection

    • Itinerant Golfer

      I’ve got Seminole, Winged Foot and Myopia. Hoping to add to the collection this season!

  • Brian Gardner

    I have Honors Course, Oakland Hills, May River GC

  • David

    Glad to see Charlotte Country Club get thrown in here. FANTASTIC golf course

  • Marcus_Sutton

    I can’t help but feel that these are kind of Smathers and Branson rip offs. They look well done, and thankfully they cost a fraction of the S&B ones, but I think those are of higher quality.

    • Itinerant Golfer

      I think they are definitely Peter Millar’s answer to S&B belts. I guess its all a matter of personal preference though as far as which one someone prefers. I like the PM for the type of leather, more detailed logo stitching and really the overall design. I never liked the S&B belts though, so I was looking for an alternative!