The Evangelist of Golf: The Story of Charles Blair Macdonald

Evangelist of Golf Bahto by George Bahto
In light of my recent post about National Golf Links of America I thought it was only appropriate to post this long overdue book review. I’m going to start out by saying that this book is a collectible and not something that is easy to find or inexpensive to buy. That said, it is a book that is an absolute must for any golf book library which makes it a perfect item for the golf nerd Christmas list. Written by the foremost expert on Charles Blair Macdonald, George Bahto, the book briefly touches on Macdonald’s time in Scotland but mostly focuses on what he did to develop the game of golf in America. There are chapters on all of the courses that Macdonald had been involved with including a few that are no longer in existence. In addition to the chapters on the golf courses there is a also a great chapter that defines and explains the template holes that can be found on Macdonald’s (as well as Seth Raynor’s) golf courses. Overall it is an incredible book that is an absolute must have for anyone interested in learning about golf course architecture or about the man who is largely responsible for bringing golf to America.