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The Itinerant Golfer's Take on The Club at Viniterra

The Club at Viniterra

Architect: Rees Jones
Year: 2009

8467 Angels Share Drive, New Kent, Virginia 23124
(804) 932-3888

driving range available
motorized golf carts available

Most of the time when I play golf in Richmond I play at the club where I belong. I am of the mindset that I should play there as often as possible since I’m already paying for it. Fortunately, the courses at my club are pretty good and I really like playing them so there’s not many other places I would rather play. That said, there is a new course that opened in 2009 that I had been hearing good things about and that I wanted to check out. The Club at Viniterra in New Kent, Virginia had been getting rave reviews from all of my friends who had been there recently.

One of my long time friends is a relatively new to golf and decided to join Viniterra at the beginning of the 2012 season. After numerous attempts to get a game on the calendar we finally managed to nail down a date when both of us were available to play and we decided it was the perfect opportunity for me to finally check out Viniterra.

It’s about a 30 minute drive from where I live in Richmond and we had a 7AM tee time so I was out the door at the crack of dawn in order to make our starting time. As I neared the area where the golf course is I knew I was getting close as I started passing row after row of grape arbors. Viniterra is a large scale project that includes not only a golf course, but also a winery and a residential neighborhood. Eventually, I came to the golf club where I found a small parking lot, a temporary clubhouse and my buddy Kriss waiting for me. Once the last member of our foursome showed up at 6:59am we headed to the 1st tee.

I had brought my camera with me and was fully prepared to take a bunch of photos for this post, but when I pulled it out on the 1st tee and turned it on nothing happened. It was only then that I noticed that it felt a little light and realized that I had left the battery on the charger at home! Oh well. I did have my iPhone with me and managed to snap just a couple of photos as we made our way around the course. I wish I had taken a few more, but I just don’t find using my phone to take photos near as quick and convenient as my point and click camera.

Here is a look at the first par 3 we played which is the 3rd hole. From the blue tees this one plays 175 yards and being short is not a good idea as the front bunkers are very deep.
The Club at Viniterra
The second par 3 on the front nine was just a 134 yard shot. Although it plays downhill the yardage still plays very true. The hole location in the photo below was a tricky one being just over the bunker and tucked in a corner of the green.
The Club at Viniterra
The photo below was taken from the 12th tee which is a nice par 4 we played from 389 yards. Players who can hit a draw on this hole will shorten the approach shot fairly significantly.
The Club at Viniterra
Overall, I enjoyed playing the course. The property terrain is diverse and allowed for the opportunity to make a variety of types of holes. Due to the distances between holes the course is best enjoyed with a cart, so those who prefer walking need to be prepared to ride here. I don’t know what the future plans are, but there are currently no homes on the course which is really nice. If I’m not mistaken the club is currently accepting outside play from non-members so its a great opportunity to play a great course that will eventually be private. There are a number of other good golf courses in the immediate area as well which makes New Kent an option for those who are planning golf trips to Virginia and are looking for an alternative to the usual destinations.

  • Jon

    What is your club in Richmond? My cousin is an Asst. Pro at Hermitage. Let me know next time you are in Ohio and I can get you on Scarlet @ Ohio State.


  • Brad

    After hearing a lot of hype about this course, I was underwhelmed by it. I will say that I find Rees Jones a poor architect and this may be his best course I’ve played. But the course has many pedestrian holes. Both par 3s on the back are identical.

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