The Art of Golf

I thought that this might be of interest for my readers who are located in Philadelphia or are planning to visit Philly this summer for the U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club. From March 16 through July 7, 2013 the Philadelphia Museum of Art is featuring an exhibit that is dedicated to the great game of golf and will include the infamous Charles Lees painting entitled “The Golfers”. This painting has been replicated hundreds of thousands of times, but the original is truly a masterpiece on its 7 foot wide canvas. This is probably the most famous golf painting in the world and any golfers living in or visiting the Philadelphia area should make an effort to check it out.

While “The Golfers” is the highlight of the exhibit there will be other golf paintings and artifacts on display as well. Please go check it out and support a wonderful museum and see a little bit of golf history at the same time. Click here to be taken directly to the museum’s website with details on the exhibit.

For those who will be visiting Philadelphia and may not be familiar with the museum it’s worth noting that that stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum are the same stairs made famous when Rocky ran up them in his training segment in the first Rocky film. Don’t be afraid to recreate the scene. I lived in Philly for a year and I swear every time I drove by the museum someone was running up the steps or jumping around celebrating at the top. Have fun!