Summertime Nectar

As summer winds down I feel like I have to make a comment about one of my most favorite summertime golf traditions . . . the Transfusion. For those of you not familiar, this is a refreshing beverage commonly found at golf and country clubs across America. I had never had one until the gentleman who sponsored me to join my club in Virginia introduced me to this incredibly tasty treat and I haven’t been able to get enough of them since.

Last week I had a couple of guests at my club – one of whom had played in our member/guest tournament many years ago. As we made the turn from the 9th to the 10th hole he asked if it would be possible to stop in the men’s grill and get a Transfusion. He hadn’t had one since his visit all those years ago and was giddy with excitement for the opportunity to taste the summertime nectar again. For some reason restaurants don’t stock grape juice in their bars so it seems that the only place to get a proper Transfusion is at golf and country clubs where grape juice is more of a bar staple. I thought I would take a minute to share the recipe for this fantastic drink:

In a tall glass with ice mix:
1 part Vodka
1 part Ginger Ale
1 part Grape Juice

Finish off with a squeeze of a lime wedge.

If you want your Transfusion “without the needles” you can leave out the vodka. I also must point out that the lime wedge is a crucial finishing touch. It really gives the drink its character. Enjoy!!!

  • Brook

    Yum! The transfusion is a tasty treat!

  • Eric

    The Transfusion sounds delicious! Do you prefer Seagram’s, Canada Dry or Northern Neck in this drink?

    • The Itinerant Golfer

      I generally use Canada Dry. I’ll have to try it with northern neck, that would be interesting. Good idea Eric.

  • aap

    do you use grape soda or something like welch’s grape juice?

    • The Itinerant Golfer

      You want to use Welch’s grape juice or something similar.

  • Gregory

    There used to be a similar drink at the Austin C.C. called a Darrell Royal, Sprite + Grape Juice

  • Pete

    Tried the Transfusion for the first time this week. Absolutely fantastic! I’m hooked! The only problem is the drink is too delicious and refreshing (if you know what I mean). Thanks for the recommendation and all the other write-ups in your blog.

    • The Itinerant Golfer

      Glad you liked it. They are so good they can be dangerous!!

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