Some Of My Favorite One Shot Holes

Cypress Point Club - Hole 15-2Par 3s are often some of the most dramatic and memorable holes on a golf course. These fun and often challenging holes come in all different shapes and sizes . . . long, short, uphill, downhill and everything in between. There have been a lot of things written about the greatest par 3s and the lists usually look pretty similar. There is always mention of Augusta National’s 12th and 16th holes and of course Cypress Point’s 15th and 16th are on most lists as well. Show me a person who doesn’t love those holes and I’ll show you someone who probably doesn’t like puppies or cornbread. Most “Top 10” lists are also going to include the usual suspects from Pine Valley, Merion, Shinnecock Hills, Pebble Beach, Whistling Straits and other Top 100 courses that are well known for holding PGA tournaments. This slideshow is a look at some of the OTHER par 3s I have really enjoyed on my Top 100 quest and that are not necessarily the holes that show up on other people’s lists of favorites. I’m not saying these are the best Par 3 holes in America, I’m just saying they are ones that I enjoyed and that stick out boldly in my memory.

  • Alan Luke

    I love the 6th at Shoreacres, the 3rd at The Golf Club and 17th at Merion.

    • The Itinerant Golfer

      Great picks Al. I’m a big fan of those 3 holes as well!

  • Gary

    I’d like to throw in #11 at Boston GC and #17 at Escondido

  • Rob Graham

    I love a par 3 that turns your head into a sack full of monkeys…..for me, #2 at Sage Valley, #14 and #17 at The River because so many matches are decided on those holes, #11 at Pacific Dunes, every par 3 at Harbour Town, both par 3s on the back 9 of my home course (CC of Lexington), and of course, #17 at Sawgrass (I don’t think I took a breath on that hole….until my ball touched the water)

  • cb

    all of those are excellent. or the obvious..#7 at Pebble, 11 at The Old Course or even 17 at Kingsmill is pretty darn good.

    locally try out #11 at Swan Point. on the Potomac, almost totally blind tee-shot over marsh, 139 yds. fantastic hole!

  • Barry

    My vote goes to #2 at Prairie Dunes. Probably the most difficult Par 3 when the wind is blowing!!

    • The Itinerant Golfer

      Of course it’s not that difficult when you just knock it in the hole, right Barry. Easy game . . . 🙂

  • I wish I could say I have played most of the ones that you picked, but as I have been primarily relegated to Public courses…

    In Chicagoland, a hidden killer is #14 at Mistwood in Romeoville. I love #12 at Pine Meadow in Mundelein, and how can you not love the #12 and #14 pair at Cog Hill #4 Course in Lemont.

    Elsewhere, ones that come to mind for me are Bandon Dunes #12, Arcadia Bluffs #16, Pacific Dunes #11, and #16 at Torrey Pines South Course.

    Par 3s are so fun, and I find them to most often be the game changing holes in my group more than any others.


  • MRP

    Great slideshow. Thanks.

    I’ll mention 11 at Shinnecock Hills.

  • Kevin

    Some great par-3s in that slideshow. Thanks for sharing. A few of my favorites not already mentioned are #10 at Pacific Dunes and #3 at Spyglass.

  • Ed

    I was going to suggest No. 17 @ Scioto – mainly because you skipped the tee shot off the lake and to apron of the green. That was a classic “one-shotter”.

    • The Itinerant Golfer

      Very good point Ed. How could I have overlooked that one!!!!!