Some Of My Favorite Clubhouses

With temperatures in the low 20s here in Virginia I find myself reminiscing back to the warm and sunny days of this past summer. As I was daydreaming yesterday I began thinking about a how much I enjoyed my visit to Crystal Downs in July. The course was fantastic and I played halfway decent, so it was fun reliving the round in my head. Interestingly, one of the memories that was particularly vivid as I went over the day in my mind was touring the clubhouse. I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to visit a lot of really great clubs who have spectacular clubhouses, but for some reason I don’t ever recall being as enamoured by a clubhouse as I was at Crystal Downs. It had a wonderfully vintage and unassuming cottage-like feel to it that fit so perfectly with its surroundings . . . I just loved it. It sure didn’t hurt either that sitting atop the bluff the way that it does provides absolutely gorgeous views in every direction. Personally speaking Crystal Downs’ clubhouse is my favorite that I have seen. Click the link above for a slide show of a few others that stick out vividly in my mind as being impressive in one way or another. There are quite a few more I would liked to have included but in going through my photo library I found that I have thousands of golf course pictures and not very many clubhouse pictures. I’ll try and change that in 2013. Enjoy!!