Sand Hills Mule

Sand Hills MuleMany people are familiar with the Moscow Mule which is a vodka drink known for being served in a copper tankard. The good people of Sand Hills Golf Club have added an interesting twist to this classic highball by substituting the vodka for rum to come up with a concoction they call the Sand Hills Mule. When I was there my host did a great job of making sure that everyone ordered one, or maybe more, of these light and refreshing drinks. The real trick to making these is to be sure to serve them in a copper tankard which keeps the drink colder than a penguin’s kneecap. There is not much better than eating a Tuscan style steak and then retiring to the bar of the Sand Hills clubhouse to sip a few Mules and anticipate a 36 hole day at one of the greatest golf courses in the world. Below is a recipe if you want to try this one at home. Be careful not to let the mule kick you! Enjoy!

2 oz. light rum
light splash of Rose’s lime juice
cold ginger beer
lime wedge

  • Corky

    Rum + Ginger Beer + Copper Cup = A Dark & Stormy in a Copper Cup

    They didn’t exactly invent anything new or all that unique at Sand Hills, they just serve Dark & Stormy’s, not a “Sand Hills Mule”

    • golftripper

      Fair point. That said, aren’t Dark and Stormys acutally made with dark rum and not light?