Sand Hills Golf Club’s Tuscan Style Steaks

Anyone who has ever asked me about going to Sand Hills has heard me rave about the club. The golf course is one of my all time favorites, the club is completely laid back and friendly and the food is absolutely incredible . . . oh man, is the food good. I’m hungry just typing about it.
Located in the heart of beef country I don’t believe there are many places to get a better steak than at Sand Hills Golf Club. While I was there I had a ribeye and a New York strip and they were both among the finest steaks I’ve ever had in my life, if not THE finest. As we looked over the menu the first night Brad, our host, suggested ordering our steaks “Tuscan style”. When I asked him what exactly this meant his response was simply “Just do it . . . Trust me.” Just like trusting a caddie’s read on a putt a guest should always trust the host’s food recommendations, so of course I did. I was not disappointed. In fact, I was ecstatic! The ribeye I had the first night was simply phenomenal. I just couldn’t believe how good it was. The next night I went with the New York strip and it was just as great as the previous nights steak. This Tuscan style business was really something!

With Summer around the corner and grill season about to hit it’s stride I found myself sitting at my desk and daydreaming about those incredible Tuscan style steaks. I stopped working and spent some time Google searching “Tuscan style” in hopes that I could relive some of the Sand Hills magic in my own backyard. I hoped that maybe there was a simple recipe and I could find it somewhere out there on the internet. After a while of clicking around here and there I literally hit the jackpot. I didn’t just find a recipe . . . I stumbled into a Piedmontese Beef promotional YouTube video featuring the executive chef at Sand Hills giving a demonstration on how to cook Tuscan style steaks! You just have to love the internet! Take a few minutes and check out the video clip below. I know there isn’t much to it, but take my word (and Brad’s) that you will not be disappointed. Make sure you get a nice cut of meat for the very best results. I know whats going to be on my grill all summer long!!

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  • Brook

    I look forward to this being on our grill all summer long too! yum!

  • Thanks for this informative article! We are heading for Sand Hills Golf Club this summer and I can’t wait! Thanks once again for this:)

  • Hi,
    Nice Blog, your presentation style is very unique. Really gives many information on this topic. Going on with your good work.

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  • Jeff

    How do you order the sand hills steak blend seasonings? I ran out and need more! Best steak blend tenderizer I have ever had

    • The Itinerant Golfer

      Jeff, I would think you could call the club and have them ship it to you. They might be closed this time of year, but in the spring it would be worth making a phone call to inquire.

  • Jeff

    Ol cowboy Tom simonsons recipe!

  • Can’t wait to eat it in Eastwood)) during golf course