Pro Shop Loot

Harbour Town TervisA few years ago I was visiting a friend in Detroit and spent the evening at his house having dinner and talking golf courses as we golf nerds are apt to do. My buddy is on a Top 100 quest as well and eventually the conversation veered to the topic of what we buy at pro shops when we visit a club. We both pretty much bought all the usual stuff like hats, shirts, belts and other items of logo apparel. As we sat there shaming one another over how many shirts we had in our closets he took me into his office to show me the crown jewel of his collection. When I walked in I was blown away. Spread out across the bookshelves in his office was the largest collection of Tervis Tumblers that I had ever seen . . . OK, maybe the ONLY collection of Tervis Tumblers I had ever seen. Having played about sixty of the Top 100 courses he had bought a Tervis Tumbler with a club logo at nearly every single course. Seeing all those embroidered logos on the shiny cups was nothing short of amazing. Right then and there I informed him that I was stealing his idea and starting my own collection. The next day when he took me to the airport he very kindly started my collection out by giving me two or three of his extras. From there I was off to the races. Every pro shop I go in now, I’m looking for the Tervis first. Maybe I’ll check out the shirts and hats if there’s time.

If you’re looking for a practical souvenir from a golf course I highly recommend picking yourself up some of these Tervis Tumblers. They come in all different sizes and some shops sell them as singles, but they mostly come as doubles or a set of four. Since that trip to Detroit I’ve amassed a pretty decent collection through my own travels, trading with friends and even the occasional buy on E-bay. I have to say that nothing pleases me more than reaching into my kitchen cabinet, pulling out a logo cup and remembering the good time I had at that course. I get a different memory every time I go to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I love it! Even my wife is in on it. She loves to point out whenever she is using a cup from one of my favorite courses. Next time you’re in a pro shop at a golf club take a look around for some Tervis and start your own collection. They make for a fun and useful collection. The photo below are a few of my favorites.

  • M P

    I love Tervis as well. Claude Brusse has a pretty impressive collection on display in the Yeamans Hall golf shop. Great stuff!


  • Nice. The only Tervis Tumblers I have are of my home course in Ft. Wayne. Logo golf balls have become my “takeaway” from the courses I play as just about every course carries logo balls. I can relate to the shirts and hats in the closet. Made me laugh!

  • Corey Byron

    I love the collection you have built and I am glad that I could help with your desire to collect Tervis Tumblers.