Planning and Reservations for Bandon Dunes

When do I need to start planning and make reservations for my Bandon Dunes golf vacation?

NOW!!!! There is no better time than the present to start making plans for your visit to Bandon Dunes. Certain times of the year are more popular than others so tee times and lodging options fill up quickly for the peak season. When I planned for my June 2010 trip I booked the accommodations and tee times a full year in advance. It makes for a tough year knowing that in 357 days at 8:34AM you’re going to be playing Pacific Dunes or one of the other great courses at the resort, but being jittery for a year prior to the trip is a small price to pay for getting the tee times and lodging that you want. Keep in mind if you are planning on playing 36 (or 54!!) holes that you will be working within the restrictions of daylight and you will want to make sure you can get tee times that will work with your plans.
Please feel free to leave your comments below about your experience planning and making reservations.
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