Pinehurst North Carolina Travel Planner

The first thing that I’ll say in this Travel Planner is that I am going to use the name Pinehurst generically to mean the sand hills region of North Carolina. The North Carolina sand hill region technically consists of Pinehurst, Southern Pines and the Aberdeen area, but because the use of the term “sand hills” is synonymous with another region of world class golf in Nebraska I am going to stick to calling this North Carolina sand hill region by the name Pinehurst. Also to confuse matters even more we have Pinehurst Resort. Pinehurst Resort is the owner of the Pinehurst golf courses numbered 1 through 8 and should not be confused with the town of Pinehurst. Unfortunately when a person says they are “going to Pinehurst” it can mean a WIDE variety of things. For this travel planner I’ll try to be very clear when I’m referring to Pinehurst Resort.

Pinehurst has had a long love affair with the game of golf. Pinehurst Resort, dating back to the late 1800s, was one of the very early American golf resorts with the first course beginning construction in 1897. Since that time there has been an explosion of golf in the area with the most recent course opening in 2010 and bringing the grand total for the area to over 30. Over the last 100+ years Pinehurst has been a bit of a mecca for golfers across the world who want to experience what golf is all about in this great location. Here we have a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know in order to plan a visit to the Home of Golf in America.

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Can I play Pinehurst No. 2? (1999, 2004, 2014 U.S. Open site)

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