Pine Valley Golf Club: A Unique Haven of the Game

Pine Valley A Unique Haven of the Game James Finegan copyby James W. Finegan
Another example of a great American club with a great history book. James Finegan’s book was originally published in 2000 and is only available for purchase in the Pine Valley pro shop. This wonderful book covers the full history of the club beginning with the construction of the golf course and bringing us all the way up to the start of the 21st century. Everything is covered from various competitive play events to the legendary stories of both ordinary and great golfers finding despair and heartbreak on the Pine Valley golf course. The book ends with a section of color photographs that, as far as I know, is the most comprehensive photo tour of the course that there is. This book is tough to find, but they do have a tendency to pop up on Amazon or E-bay from time to time. Note that the early editions had a slipcover and were bound in leather while more recent editions do not have the slipcover and are bound in cloth. The more recent editions are usually a little less costly.

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