Other Frequently Asked Questions About Bethpage Black

Are there carts at Bethpage Black?
Bethpage Black is a walking only course so there are no motorized golf carts available.
How do I get a caddie at Bethpage Black?
Call the main number (516-249-0701) and ask to be connected to the proshop and they will be able to book a caddie for you. The typical cost will run about $100 per bag including tip.
Can I take a pull cart?
Yes, you can use your own pull cart or you can rent one from the proshop.
How difficult is the walk?
Bethpage Black is a HUGE golf course. One of the things that blew me away when I was there was the scale of the property. I hate the expression “tough walk” because it sounds a little ridiculous, but Bethpage Black is not an easy stroll. I urge players who are not accustomed to walking to do a little training in preparation for their round on the Black to make sure that they don’t run out of steam.
What time should I arrive for my tee time?
You MUST check in 1 hour prior to your tee time. If you fail to post 1 hour before your scheduled tee time you will lose your spot. If you are playing with a New York state resident they MUST be there with their valid driver’s license no less than 1 hour before the tee time.
Is there a driving range?
Yes, range balls are available for purchase from the proshop.
Which tees should I play at Bethpage Black?
Unless you are a seriously good golfer, I mean seriously good and not someone who just thinks they are good, I do not recommend playing the back tees. Bethpage Black tips out at nearly 7,500 yards. Unless you are capable of regularly hitting your drives 300+ yards you will have a miserable time playing the back tees. My suggestion is to have fun and play the blue tees which measure about 6,700 yards.
Is there food available on the course?
The course does not come back to the clubhouse after the 9th hole but there is a snack shop stocked with food and beverages that you will pass at the 6th and 12th holes.
Is the course well marked for yardages?
There are sprinkler heads throughout the course, but if you are not planning to take a caddie you may want to take a range finder.
If I tee off in the afternoon, will I be able to finish my round?
The rounds at Bethpage Black can be L O N G . . . sometimes stretching to 6 hours. If your start time is within 5 1/2 to 6 hours of sunset you could be pushing it. Click HERE to check the sunrise/sunset times for Bethpage State Park.
How Hard is Bethpage Black?
Tee to green the course is one of the hardest I have personally seen. Players are required to hit the ball long off the tee to get into the best positions and the rough can be extremely thick and difficult to play out of. Definitely do not expect to have your career round here . . . but I hope you do!
What about the other courses at Bethpage State Park?
There are four other courses at Bethpage State Park, the Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. The Red course is widely considered to be a fantastic golf course and if often referred to as the Black course’s little brother. If you do try to walk on the Black and are unsuccessful there are other options for some pretty good golf right there at the same facility.
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