Oh, It Looks Good On You Though

I usually buy a hat whenever I visit a club. I figure its something I’ll get some use out of and when it gets ruined – which it eventually will – I won’t feel as bad about it as I would when a $90 shirt gets ruined. The end result is that I have a collection consisting of a solid 50-60 baseball caps. Most of them are practically brand new because I really only wear about 3 of them. It’s a bit of a joke whenever someone comes in my office and sees the pile of hats on the table. To the left is a photo to give an idea of the ridiculousness. These are just the ones that I found sitting sitting on the table in my office. From where I sit typing this I see two more stacks that I forgot about. Geez.

Alright, why am I talking about hats you ask? So my girlfriend makes me go to the dermatologist every year to get checked out because I spend so much time in the sun. Not exactly my favorite thing to do, but considering that I usually play more than 100 rounds a year it’s probably a good idea. Unfortunately, my most recent trip yielded some not so pleasant news. On the sides of my face, basically where my temples are, I have some permanent sun damage. I can’t say I’m surprised as I knew that something had to be amiss when my temples appeared to be sunburned in the middle of January when I hadn’t been out in the sun for months. The good news is that it’s really not a big deal. I have to be a little more vigilant with the sunscreen which is something I am now very motivated to do. I saw some pictures of skin cancer at the Doc’s office and it’s no joke. The really and truly bad news is that my doctor prescribed something that I’m really not happy about . . . a wide brimmed hat. Really, Doc?? Ugh.

I’ve been doing some research and so far haven’t seen much out there that is very appealing. I’m hoping some of you good people will have some suggestions. Please leave a comment below and let me know if you have any suggestions for a wide brimmed hat that isn’t as bad looking as the ones below.

Come on, someone’s got to have a good suggestion that is better than these options. If you do, please leave it in the comments below!!!