My New Travel Partner!

Club Glove Burst Proof 2A few months ago I got a new toy. No, not a fancy new driver or an expensive new range finder . . . I got a new golf travel bag. Outside of my actual clubs this is the piece of golf equipment that I use more than any other. For years I had a Callaway travel bag that actually serviced me quite well. In fact, even after tens of thousands of miles logged on it that Callaway bag was in remarkably good shape. I finally decided to retire the bag because it was getting pretty ratty in some areas and there was some zipper wear that was making it a bit of a hassle to use . . . it was sad to see it go. After such a good relationship with the Callaway I’m not really sure why I decided to try a different brand, but I did. After admiring my friends’ Club Gloves for several years I finally bit the bullet and picked up a Burst Proof 2. I made my first trip with it back in April and we are travel partners for life.

The first thing I loved about this bag it that it is quite a bit bigger than my old bag, but still doesn’t feel bulky or difficult to handle. The extra size means there is plenty of room for two pair of golf shoes as well as various and sundry outerwear that I don’t have room for in my carry on bag. My old bag was always stuffed so full I struggled to zip it up but that is not even remotely a problem with the Burst Proof 2. The bottom of the Club Glove bag, which takes more abuse than any other part, is made of molded plastic and appears to be completely indestructible. Incidentally, the bottom is the part of my Callaway bag that eventually wore completely away and prompted me to retire it. I don’t think that will happen with this one.

I’m heading to Boston this week for a quick little golf trip and as I pulled out the bag last night I couldn’t help but be pleased with my purchase. These things are great. Anyone who does a lot of golf travel is crazy not to get one. Amazon is selling them with a free Stiff Arm right now for $220 in every color you could possibly imagine. I got mine in black, BUT so did everyone else in the world. I’d recommend getting something that is a little more unique so you know it’s yours when its coming around on the baggage carousel!

  • This was my first travel bag. Unfortunately, Delta bent the stiff arm and broke my five wood on a trip to Georgia. They also gave me a hassle with reimbursement, advising they don’t generally covers soft sided bags. Luckily, I’m a Diamond member and they reimbursed me for both the club and the stiff arm. I’ve since switched to a bulky, hard shell case.

    With that said, I loved this bag when I had it. I traveled with my clubs to Germany, Australia, the UK, and all over the US. But, I wasn’t willing to risk anymore damage clubs.