Legendary Golf Clubs of the American Midwest

Legendary Golf Clubs of the American Midwest by John de St. Jorre and Anthony Edgeworth
Here we have another installment from the same great team that brought us Legendary Golf Clubs of the American East as well as Legendary Golf Clubs of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. This latest addition to their collection of “legendary” books bring us more of the same fantastic content, but this time focused on the premier clubs of America’s heartland. The authors detail twelve clubs with the same sort of insider’s look that they have delivered in the past. These profiles are not just a cursory look at the clubs, but a detailed view into what makes each of these clubs unique and in many cases the special people who are such an intricate part of the club’s fabric. The authors cover top rated clubs such as Prairie Dunes, Shoreacres, St. Louis Country Club as well as a few lesser known and very exclusive clubs. Throw in a foreward by Jack Nicklaus who’s boyhood club, Scioto Country Club, is featured in the book and you’ve got another must have for any serious golf library.