Itinerant Golfer

“Taking it to the next level”. I’m sure most have heard or maybe even used this expression. Those who know me well may actually believe that I created this concept. Throughout my life, I’ve always pursued my work and hobbies with a lazer-like focus, intent on gaining expertise or reaching a seemingly impossible objective. I have now set out to do just that with my love for playing the greatest game. In order to increase my golf knowledge, reach a lofty goal AND raise my love for the game to that ever elusive next level, I have embarked on a Don Quixotesque golf odyssey – playing all of the Top 100 courses in the United States. Every hole, every clubhouse . . . but hopefully not every hazard.

My home base for this odyssey is Richmond, Virginia — where I have lived most of my life. Contrary to popular belief, I am definitely employed full time. When I’m not on the golf course I have several business interests that keep me very occupied. Planning for, traveling to and playing the Top 100 sometimes feels like a full time job in and of itself, so between golf and work there is not much time to spare.

My notes contained on this website are not meant to be reviews of the courses. I am not a golf course architecture expert. I am not affiliated with any of the golf publication rating panels or any other part of the golf industry. I’m just a guy who loves to play golf and do it in fun places. My posts are simply a journal of my experiences at each of the clubs and some general info about the courses that make up the Top 100 list. The posts don’t follow any kind of format so each one is a little different with some being more informative and photo heavy than others. Speaking of photos, don’t forget that the photos can be enlarged. Just give them a click to see the full size images. I hope you enjoy the site and thanks for stopping by.

95 out of 100 courses played.

Top 100 Courses Played