How Many Holes Should I Play at Bandon Dunes Each Day

How many holes should I play each day?

By all means, if you are physically able and daylight allows you should play 36 holes each day. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort offers a generously discounted replay rate for the second round of the day which is good on ANY of the courses, not just the one you have already played that day. Also, keep in mind that there is not much to do “on campus” at Bandon Dunes other than play golf, so I am of the firm belief that you may as well spend your time at Bandon Dunes playing golf or sleeping.
***** GOLF TRIPPER TRAVEL TIP: The third round at Bandon Dunes is FREE, so when the days are long, golfers who tee off early in the morning will have a chance of getting in a third round and maybe even a fourth. Word to the wise . . . don’t overdo it on one day and make yourself uncomfortable for the rest of your time at Bandon Dunes.
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