How Long To Stay in Pinehurst

How long should I stay in Pinehurst

With the plethora of courses offered in the Pinehurst area a golfer could stay for 2 weeks and still not be able to see them all. I suppose the answer to this question is contingent on where you are coming from and if you think you will return to the area. From my location in Virginia I feel like Pinehurst is a perfect spot for a short little getaway. My annual trip is typically two nights and two days with 36 holes of golf each day. It’s a bit of a whirlwind, but it also keeps things fresh and I’m always excited to get back.

Now that said, If you’ve spent money on a plane ticket, rental car and all the other travel expenses involved with making a big trip it would be wise to settle in for longer than just two days. The bottom line is that there is plenty of quality golf in North Carolina’s sand hills and there will be good golf courses to play for as many days as you have available.

Feel free to leave you comments below about how long you like to stay in Pinehurst

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