How Long To Stay At Bandon Dunes

How many days should I stay?

There is only one appropriate answer here. As many as possible of course!!! I’m a firm believer that first time visitors to Bandon Dunes should plan a trip that allows them to play all five courses . . . and ideally more than once. I would say that the absolute shortest time that should be considered is three full days. With time for two rounds each day that would allow for all five courses to be played once and one of them to be played twice. I suppose you could play all five courses in two full days, but it would be a pretty busy 48 hours and possibly a bit too rushed.

For those who play just one round a day I would suggest staying four days so that all of the 18 hole courses can be played. Plan to play the 13 hole Bandon Preserve par 3 course one day after finishing an 18 hole round. This unique course was created specifically for folks who don’t want to play 36 holes but aren’t necessarily ready to call it a day after 18. At just under 1500 yards it makes for a short stroll and is not terribly physically demanding.

It is my personal opinion that the best way to experience Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is to play each of the courses two times. It has been my experience that the more times I see a golf course the more I’m able to get a feel for and understanding of it. My perfect itinerary would include 4 days with 36 holes each day. Ideally this would be done at a time of year with long enough days that would allow for time to make a couple of loops around Bandon Preserve after my 36 holes were complete. Don’t forget that the third round is free, so after playing 36 holes Bandon Preserve would be complimentary!
Please feel free to leave your comments below about how long you like to stay at Bandon Dunes.
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