Golf Heaven: Insiders Remember Their First Trip to Augusta National Golf Club

This book is a fun look at Augusta National Golf Club. Everyone who has ever played golf knows that Augusta National is hallowed ground and those who are fortunate enough to visit the club, either to see The Masters or to actually play the course, are among the luckiest golfers alive. The book is broken into two sections with the first being a history of the course and the magnificent tournament played there each April, The Masters. The second part of the book contains stories from a handful of golfers who tell tales of their first time visiting Augusta National. This section of the book contains over 20 chapters each with a different anecdote about someone’s maiden voyage to Augusta National. Some of these people went to The Masters as spectators, some went to play in The Masters and some visited to play the course as a guest of a member. It’s a fun read and an interesting insight to what Augusta National means to all different kinds of golfers.

  • Steve Hall

    Seems like it would be a nice place to play!

  • ITG, Love this site and follow your quest religiously. Great stuff. Santa brought me this book for Xmas based on your recommendation and I’m really enjoying it thus far.

    Happy New Year!

    • The Itinerant Golfer

      Glad you’re enjoying the book. It’s a fun read!!!

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