Getting To Bandon Dunes

How do I get to Bandon Dunes?
Getting to the remote coast of Oregon is no easy task which is why “How do I get there?” is one of the most frequently asked questions about a Bandon Dunes golf vacation. There are several travel options available that will deliver you and the rest of your foursome to this secluded golf nirvana.

in this post 9/11 “Greyhound Of The Sky” era I have a personal rule that if I can drive somewhere in 6 hours or less that I’ll hit the open road rather than dealing with the TSA, layovers and the general craziness that is air travel today. With the exception of those who live in Portland where there are direct flights into North Bend/Coos Bay that take about an hour, anyone who lives within six hours of Bandon Dunes should be able to drive there faster than they can fly. If a road trip is your best option I sure hope that you will do it with some flair. A couple of suggestions would be to get a couple of carloads and have yourself a good old fashioned race a la Cannonball Run or maybe pick up a sweet A-Team van, crank up Metallica’s Master of Puppets and race around town picking up your friends Old School style. I know it’s always an adventure making a road trip with my friends, so whatever you choose I wish you the very best of luck and safe travels.
The most common method for reaching Bandon Dunes is to fly a commercial airline. There are a couple of options for this.

Portland, OR (PDX) – Flying into Portland will leave you with a 5 1/2 hour drive to reach Bandon Dunes. A pleasant drive down the coast will provide a little bit of Oregon scenery for those who have not been to the area before. This will likely be the least expensive option as there are a great number of direct flights into Portland from a wide variety of origins including many of the major metropolitan areas across the country.
Eugene, OR (EUG) – Those who elect to fly into Eugene will be left with a 3 hour drive to Bandon Dunes. The flight options into Eugene are a considerably more limited than Portland’s and will likely be a little more expensive. While flying into EUG cuts the drive time nearly in half, you will likely be flying there from Portland which means by time you calculate in the layover and flight time you could have already picked up your rental car and been halfway down the coast. This is not really a compelling option unless you live in Denver or one of the handful of other cities that has direct flights to Eugene.
North Bend/Coos Bay, OR (OTH) – The most convenient option is to fly directly into North Bend/Coos Bay which is serviced by San Francisco and Portland. The flights into OTH are very limited which makes this the most expensive option. The good news is that it is just a short 30 minute ride from here to Bandon Dunes. Once you reach North Bend/Coos Bay you can either get private ground transportation from the airport or rent a car and make a simple drive down the Oregon Coast Highway (US-101). Keep in mind that there are a very limited number of daily flights into North Bend/Coos Bay, so if you want to play golf on the day of your arrival it is wise to get the earliest flight possible as the mid-day and later flights will likely get you to the resort too late to play.
For those who really want to take the easiest and quickest route to Bandon Dunes flying via private plane directly into North Bend/Coos Bay is the best bet. Obviously this doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget, but for those who want to fly directly into North Bend/Coos Bay and do not live in Portland or San Francisco this is the only alternative.
*****GOLF TRIPPER TRAVEL TIP: Space is often at a premium when traveling and a couple of sets of golf clubs can take up a LOT of room in a car or on the smaller private planes. Even when flying commercial there are the baggage fees and fear of “misplacement” by the airline that make traveling with your golf clubs a little frightening. One option that can relieve the stress of traveling with golf clubs is shipping them directly to Bandon Dunes. Like the Fed Ex commercials advertise, you can take your clubs directly into a Fed Ex branch to have them shipped to Bandon Dunes. Another alternative is an awesome new easy to use service called Ship Sticks which will have UPS pick up your golf bag from your house (or from your home club if you store them there) and deliver them directly to Bandon Dunes. Shipping your clubs is a great idea to relieve some of the stress of golf travel.
Please feel free to leave your comments below about your experience traveling to Bandon Dunes.
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