Whispering Woods Golf Club

Pinehurst, North Carolina | Whispering Woods Golf Club

Architect: Ellis Maples
Year: 1971

26 Sandpiper Drive
Whispering Pines, North Carolina 28327
(910) 949-4653

Course Access: Public

motorized golf carts available

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The Itinerant Golfer

Whispering Woods Golf Club

On my recent trip to Pinehurst we played three new courses and revisited an old favorite. The third new course that we played was Whispering Woods in Whispering Pines. Whispering Woods was one of the more economical alternatives to the higher priced courses in the Pinehurst area that I had selected for this trip. I stumbled across this course on the internet and was excited to find that it had been designed by Ellis Maple who has designed some pretty good golf courses around the Carolinas including Grandfather Golf & Country Club which I had really enjoyed. The fact that we could play it for a scant $35 made it even more appealing. I was actually looking forward to this course more than any of the others we would play in hopes that i might uncover a hidden gem that we could return to year after year for a great price. For this round our group would be playing one of our favorite games - alternate shot. This format consists of two player teams where one ball is in play for each team and the players alternate hitting the shots until the ball is holed. One player on the team is responsible for starting play with a tee shot on the odd holes and the other player does the same on the even holes. It’s a fun game that I love and usually makes for a speedy round. Because we expected to play in less than 3 hours I arranged… More >