Tobacco Road Golf Club

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Pinehurst, North Carolina | Tobacco Road Golf Club

Architect: Mike Strantz
Year: 1998

442 Tobacco Road
Sanford, North Carolina 27332
(877) 284-3762

Course Access: Public

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Bill Satterfield

Tobacco Road Golf Club

What to Expect:  Wow, what to expect at Tobacco Road. Where do I start? Tobacco Road is the most extreme course you’ve ever played . . . but on steroids. There is more “wow” factor at that course then the rest of North Carolina’s offerings combined. It literally is one signature hole after another. Quirky at times? Yes. Difficult at times? You bet. Engaging the whole time? ABSOLUTELY! The only course that I can draw a comparison with Tobacco Road is Wolf Creek in Mesquite, NV. The layouts aren’t similar, the settings aren’t similar, but the “wow” factor is off the charts and they are the only two courses I’ve played where I felt like I left reality and entered into a video game; they are that extreme and that fun! The greens at Tobacco Road aren’t your typical shape or size with massive undulations, sometimes incredible widths, and always interesting. From the opening tee you get a taste of what to expect as you gaze down from the elevated tee to the fairway below that boasts two massive mounds pinching the fairway down and creating a blind second shot unless pin point accuracy was utilizing off the tee. A second ridge and pinch point is found beyond the first and again blocks the view of the green more often than not. Throughout your round, you will contend with some Sahara sized bunkers, some forced carries, some wild putts, several elevation changes, and full time fun. The conditioning is great,… More >

  • Brandon Webb

    I understand why so many people either love or hate this course… Put me in the love camp. Visually this course is so stimulating! My opinion is that if you can consistently hit your irons to your number you will do well here and have a lot of fun. If not, you are probably in for a long day. I bought a yardage book (and why wouldn’t you? They are only $5, or $1 if you agree to join their mailing list). It is target golf, no question. But being from Birmingham, AL and frequently playing the RTJ Trail, this was nothing new to me. I like that you have to hit some irons off tee boxes on par 4s instead of blindly pulling a driver every time. With the recent greens conversion to mini verde, they were a bit firm, but not egregiously. They were, however, very grainy, which didn’t bother me. You just had to be a bit firmer than you normally would be to keep putts from drifting out of the hole. I agree that the approach and green on No. 13 is among my favorites I have ever played.