Pikewood National Golf Club

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Pikewood National Golf Club

Architect: J. Robert Gwynne & John Raese
Year: 2009

3055 Kingwood Pike
Morgantown, West Virginia 26508
(304) 864-3312

Course Access: Private

driving range available
walking only - caddies available
on-site accommodations

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The Itinerant Golfer

Pikewood National Golf Club

Pikewood National Golf Club is one of the courses that came onto the Top 100 list at the biennial change earlier this year. I can’t say that I was terribly surprised as I’d been hearing buzz about this course for quite a while. One of the former assistant pros from my home club is originally from West Virginia and he felt confident four years ago that it was only a matter of time before the course would hit the list. Another friend in Pittsburgh had played the course and was also certain that it would eventually make the list once enough raters came to Morgantown to see and rate the course. Well, both of those guys were right and this year in December when the new list hit the street Pikewood National broke through. I was actually pretty pleased to see it on the list because it is a course that I can drive to and wouldn’t require buying a plane ticket. That’s always nice! Luckily, not only could I easily drive to Pikewood National, but my friend in Pittsburgh who had played the course happened to have a good friend who was a member. When I was beginning to plan my schedule for the summer this year I contacted my friend in Pittsburgh and he was able to arrange for his buddy to host me and two of my friends for a game. I didn’t realize just how fortunate this was until I found out that there are less… More >

  • Grant Taylor

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    • American Capitalist

      Get a job Barack.