Pebble Beach Golf Links

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Pebble Beach, California | Pebble Beach Golf Links

Architect: Jack Neville & Douglas Grant
Year: 1919

1700 17 Mile Drive
Pebble Beach, California 93953
(831) 622-8795

Course Access: Public

driving range available
motorized golf carts and caddies available
affiliated resort accommodations

U.S. Open - 1972, 1992, 2000, 2010, 2019

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One of the most famous and revered courses in golf, Pebble Beach Golf Links has been featured on television for decades during the AT&T  Pebble Beach National Pro-Am which has served as a siren song for golfers around the world to make a pilgrimage to play the course.  With almost half of the holes set along the coastal cliffs of the Carmel Bay there are no other golf courses that offer the public accessibility, stunning scenery, and rich championship history of Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Local Knowledge:  Beware the seagulls that hang out around the halfway house.  They know that there is food in the silver foil wrappers and will not hesitate to swoop in and fly off with your lunch.  Do not leave food unattended!!!!

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Bill Satterfield

Pebble Beach Golf Links

What to Expect:  Is there a more famous golf course in the world than Pebble Beach? An argument can be made for historic St. Andrews or even Augusta National with all of its TV time, but the public access Pebble Beach course with its coastal holes and unsurpassed beauty may be the most coveted course in the world to play. No other course offers more time on the coast than Pebble Beach and few courses offer as much tournament history; most recently the 2000 U.S. Open. The pace of play is rarely less than five hours due to the resort nature of this course where player's are trying to get every dime worth of their $495 green fee. In the end you can expect to enjoy one of the top courses in the world and have a coastal experience like no other; simply a fantastic track. Signature Hole:  18th -… More >

Jimmy Ferguson

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Almost everyone who has ever picked up a golf club has heard of Pebble Beach. Those that haven’t may have been living under a rock. There are many great books available about Pebble Beach, so I'll just give the very short story here. The course was designed by two first time architects Jack Neville & Douglas Grant - and what a job they did! Since opening in 1919, their maiden course has hosted five U.S. Opens and four U.S. Amateurs which is not too shabby for a couple of first time architects. Every year since 1947 the course also has played host to what was formerly known as the Crosby Clambake (as in Bing Crosby) and is now currently known as the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. I was at Pebble Beach on a vacation with my wife. We were in California for a wedding and decided to take the… More >

  • Rebecca Aylett Redington

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  • Carl Murphy

    What an absolute fantastic golf course to play. The ocean holes are absolutely spectacular and make you really appreciate where you are. This was a child hood dream to play the Pebble Beach, luckily dreams can come true. I was fortunate enough to miss the busy period, weather wasn’t the greatest, so crowds were down, giving us a free run at the course. My only regret was not hiring a caddy and walking the course. After spending so much money (this was the dearest single round I had ever paid for) it would have been great to appreciate it a lot more by walking. As for the seagulls, I can attest that they do love anything shiny. Thought my roll would be safe pushing it further forward in the cart. Returning from the cart I saw a gull standing on the seat and trying to reach out to get the food. I must admit they were the biggest seagulls I had ever seen, ours are a hell of a lot smaller in the southern hemisphere.