Old Sandwich Golf Club

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Old Sandwich Golf Club

Architect: Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw
Year: 2004

247-R Old Sandwich Road
Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360
(508) 209-2200

Course Access: Private

driving range available
walking only - caddies available
on-site accommodations

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The Itinerant Golfer

Old Sandwich Golf Club

The first thing most people notice about Old Sandwich Golf Club is the unusual name. To hear the words “old" and “sandwich" combined conjures up images of a leftover hoagie abandoned in the back of the refrigerator or maybe a PB&J in brown bag tucked in the back of a middle school locker. In the golf universe the words “old sandwich" mean a top rated Coore & Crenshaw course located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. So why exactly would a golf club choose to name themselves Old Sandwich? A little research reveals that Sandwich Massachusetts (est. 1637) is the oldest town on Cape Cod and was named for the seaport of Sandwich in Kent, England. For those of us who remember our 2nd grade history lesson we know that Plymouth Massachusetts is one of the earliest settlements in America having been founded in 1620 (thirteen years after Jamestown Virginia). The two settlements were relatively close together and as would be expected the 17th century settlers in these towns would have occasion to travel between Plymouth and Sandwich. The trail that they used came to be known as Old Sandwich Road and is now the oldest continuously operated unpaved road in the United States. Old Sandwich Golf Club is located nearby so it only seemed appropriate to pay homage to the historic road. And there you have it. It’s not about a hoagie at all - it’s about a road. As I have mentioned before on this website, my contacts in the Boston… More >