Oakmont Country Club

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Oakmont Country Club

Architect: Henry C. Fownes
Year: 1903

1233 Hulton Road
Oakmont, Pennsylvania 15139
(412) 828-3330

Course Access: Private

driving range available
walking only - caddies available
on-site accommodations

U.S. Open - 1927, 1935, 1953, 1962, 1973, 1994, 2007, 2016
PGA Championship - 1922, 1951, 1978

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To prepare for a round at Oakmont the best practice is to spend some time rolling putts on a glass-top table . . . seriously.  World renowned for for their lightning fast greens, it is rumored that when the U.S. Open comes to Oakmont that the USGA actually slows the greens down from normal member play speeds.  In addition to their performance on the greens, a player’s success at Oakmont will often be defined by their ability to avoid the numerous deep and penal bunkers found around the course, especially the unique “church pews”.

Local Knowledge: The type of Poa annua turf found on Oakmont’s infamously perfect greens is an unusual combination containing several different strains of what is technically a weed.  The turf grass school at Penn State tried for decades to clone the unique turf, but to date has been unsuccessful and Oakmont continues to be the only golf course with this exact strain of Poa annua.

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The Itinerant Golfer

Oakmont Country Club

Oakmont Country Club is one of the most famous courses in all of golf. There have been 19 National Championships contested over the golf course at Oakmont Country Club including five US Amateurs, three PGA Championships, two US Women’s Opens and EIGHT US Opens with a ninth coming in 2016. There is no question that Oakmont Country Club is a favorite among the golf magazines that rate courses as it is always ranked in the Top 10 and quite often in the Top 5. Oakmont is a golf course that is known worldwide for its legendary green speeds and for being one of the most pure tests of championship golf on the planet. Founded in 1903 Henry C. Fownes designed the course on the principle that “no poor shot should go unpunished". According to legend, Mr. Fownes and his son used to sit on the golf course and watch play from the club's members in order to "improve" the course. When they saw a poorly played shot a bunker would be placed in the spot where the player’s ball landed. Wow, thats just downright mean! Over its 100+ year history Oakmont has undergone many changes. The course was thought to have gotten too difficult and a significant number of the bunkers were removed over the years so the course wouldn’t be quite so penal. Most recently there was a major thinning of trees on the course. Historic photos show that when the course was built that there were not a… More >