Butler National Golf Club

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Butler National Golf Club

Architect: George Fazio & Tom Fazio
Year: 1974

2616 York Road
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523
(630) 990-3333

Course Access: Private

driving range available
walking only - caddies available
on-site accommodations

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The Itinerant Golfer

Butler National Golf Club

Chicago was one of the cities that caused some concern for me when I started the Top 100 quest. At the time I did not know one single person that lived in Chicago and six of the Top 100 courses are in the Chicagoland area . . . That made me more than a little worried that this was going to be difficult. I slowly started asking around and eventually stumbled onto a couple of leads. Hayes, my roommate from college and friend since the 7th grade had grandparents in Chicago so I contacted him to see if they might know anyone who belonged to any of the clubs. Unfortunately they did not. However, he did mention that his boss, Blair, lived in Chicago and that he would check with him. As luck would have it Blair knew someone that was a member at Butler National and he arranged for the three of us to have a game with his friend. Butler National is one of the places that I was unable to research much on the internet. I knew that the course had been designed by George and Tom Fazio and that it had been the host of the Western Open (1974-1990). Beyond that the only other things I knew were that club was an all male membership and that the course was supposed to be incredibly difficult. I guessed I’d find out more when I got there. On Friday night Hayes picked me up at the airport and… More >