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The Itinerant Golfer's Take on Cincinnati Country Club

Cincinnati Country Club

Architect: Robert White
Year: 1895

2348 Grandin Road , Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
(513) 533-5265

driving range available
motorized golf carts available
on-site accommodations

After traveling to Kentucky, Indiana and back to Kentucky on this golf trip I headed to Ohio for the final leg. The original purpose of my visit to Cincinnati was to play the Camargo Club just outside the city, but while arranging that game my host suggested that we have a game at his other club, Cincinnati Country Club. Never to one to turn down an opportunity to play a classic old course I jumped at the opportunity.

I couldn’t find any info on Cincinnati Country Club on the internet, so I didn’t know much about it upon arrival. While I was there I learned that the club was founded in 1895 and is recognized as one of the first 100 golf clubs in the country by the USGA. My host had arranged accommodations for me in one of the sleeping rooms above the clubhouse, so upon arrival I checked in, dropped my bags and prepared to meet him for lunch before we teed off.

Walking from the clubhouse to the grill room I could already tell this was my kind of place. From what I could see the course has that classic vibe with its tree lined fairways, rolling hills and small greens. One of the courses I play at home in Richmond is very similar in style so I guessed that I would feel right at home here.

After lunch we headed out to play the course. In keeping with the vintage course theme I discovered that the maximum distance here was 6,301 yards from the back tees and the par was 70. I love these short old courses! The course has five par 3s, three par 5s and the rest par 4s.

There are a number of really good and fun holes here, but for some reason when I returned home and looked at my photos all I had were four of the five par 3s. I guess I wasn’t in much of a photo mood that day, so I’ll make a few comments about the par 3 holes that I have photos of.

The first par 3 of the day in the photo below is the 4th hole and plays 175 yards from the back tees. Much like many of the holes on the course the green sits on a bit of a side hill. A tee shot sent to the right can result in a very difficult up and down.
Cincinnati Country Club 
Two holes later the 6th hole is an absolute beast of a par 3 at 244 yards. It plays downhill a bit, but still requires a significant shot of 220+ yards to reach the green. In the photo below the green looks a million miles away.
Cincinnati Country Club 
Here is a bit more of a close up of the green.
Cincinnati Country Club 
The 8th hole, pictured below, was remodeled recently and is a bit controversial from what I understand. It plays 175 yards from the back tees and the green is perched on a the side of a hill and shots into this green are regularly bounced to the right and down the hill. It require a high shot with a soft landing to really hold this green well.
Cincinnati Country Club 
Interestingly there are back to back par 3s at the 14th and 15th holes. I did not get a photo of the 14th but it is another very long one that plays 234 yards. The 15th hole which is pictured below was a shortish shot of only 148 yards from the back tees.
Cincinnati Country Club 
Playing here was a fun precursor to playing Camargo Club. The course is enjoyable and quirky with a bunch of really good holes as well as some really tough ones. The club itself is great and I loved the whole staying in the clubhouse and having lunch, dinner and breakfast experience. Don’t be fooled by the short length of the course. You can have a great time and get a solid test of your game at Cincinnati Country Club. This is a great example of a fun course that probably gets overlooked simply because of its length. It is well worth a visit.

  • Over The Top Golf

    Amazing photos. Living in South Florida, old tree lined courses like Cincinnati CC are only a memory. Nice article.

  • Just came across this post. Sadly, I didn’t take my camera along for the ride when I played Cincinnati Country Club a few years ago.

    I’m glad you highlighted the par 3’s, which I thought were the highlight of the course. Great variety in length and style. My host too commented about the controversy around the “new” 8th hole. I guess a lot of members preferred the old tee box, which was closer to Bedford Ave and gave the player more of a view of the green. And perhaps the fact the green is now much more undulating than others on the course. He didn’t seem to mind the new hole and neither did I.

    Not a lot of photos out there of CCC. Thanks for this write up!

  • Steve

    I really enjoyed your post that I stumbled upon. I have been an employee of CCC for over 20 years, off an on. As such, I am able to play this oldest course in Cincinnati on designated days. I enjoy it everytime. I’m glad that you did too!