It’s Hammer Time!!!

Written by Rees Milikin
Here in the South Spring has finally arrived and the weather is fantastic . . . we've even had a couple of days that could be categorized as hot. With warmer temperatures ahead of us now seems like as good a time as any to introduce you good people to the Velvet Hammer as its served at Augusta Country Club. I absolutely love a signature drink at a golf club and this one is about as unique as they come. The Velvet Hammer is often served with cream, but Augusta More >

Sand Hills Mule

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
Many people are familiar with the Moscow Mule which is a vodka drink known for being served in a copper tankard. The good people of Sand Hills Golf Club have added an interesting twist to this classic highball by substituting the vodka for rum to come up with a concoction they call the Sand Hills Mule. When I was there my host did a great job of making sure that everyone ordered one, or maybe more, of these light and refreshing drinks. The real trick to making these is to More >

The Most Famous Food Item in Golf

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
It just wouldn't be Masters Week if I didn't say something about the pimento cheese sandwiches at Augusta National Golf Club. A lot of golf clubs have signature food items, but I'm not sure there are any as famous as Augusta's pimento cheese sandwich. It's hard to beat the classics and it doesn't get more classic in the south than a little pimento cheese spread between two slices of white bread. When you're eating said sandwich on the grounds of Augusta National it takes it to a new level. Not More >

Peanut Butter, Jelly and WHAT???

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
The title of this post is exactly what I said to my friend Hans when he told me what to order at the Fishers Island Club halfway hut. He slowly repeated himself very clearly, "Peanut butter, jelly, bacon. Trust me, you'll love it." I am definitely a fan of peanut butter and just about anything sandwiches . . . hell, I copped to eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches just a few weeks ago. Jelly and bacon? Those two ingredients seem to be odd bedfellows. I was definitely a skeptic, More >

Burger Bill and the Olympic Club Burger Dog

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
Located after the 10th hole on The Olympic Club's Lake Course is one of golf's most famous halfway huts. It's here that golfers who are lucky enough to be playing The Olympic Club will have a chance to purchase one of the world famous burger dogs. The concept began in 1950 when Bill Parrish set up a stand outside of The Olympic Club to sell burgers and hot dogs that he named Hot Dog Bills. Before office speak buzz words like "operational efficiencies" even existed "Burger Bill" made the cost More >

Sage Valley’s Fried Pickle Chips

Written by Mark Pritchett
My entire life I have had a deep affection for dill pickles. I will put them on anything. As a child I found myself in an Elvis-esque period of time where I regularly ate peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. What can I say? I love the flavor. In fact, I love it so much that I have actually been known to declare that a hamburger is not a real hamburger without dill pickle chips on it. I'm not interested in some lame duck dill pickle spear on the side More >

Beer & Pretzels With A Twist

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Just when I thought there was no new ground to be covered with the tired old grill room staple of beer and pretzels I found something I had not seen before at a golf club. After a round at Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia I ordered a beer and with it came not a basket full of mini pretzels, but one big one . . . served on a skewer. I thought it was pretty cool. Had I known More >

Snapper Soup at Pine Valley

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
With about 8 inches of snow on the ground here in Virginia it feels like spring is never going to come. It's been a brutally cold winter here and I've been eating a lot of soup for the last two months. Every time I sit down to another bowl of broth it makes me think of Pine Valley Golf Club. That's a strange connection, right? Well, Pine Valley Golf Club's signature item in the grill room is their snapper soup and I can't help but think of it every time More >

Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins at Spanish Oaks Golf Club

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
They say it's the simple things in life that that are the most extraordinary and its always a pleasure when one of those simple things unexpectedly materializes to remind us of this. Recently I was visiting a friend in Austin, Texas, to play a few rounds of golf and have some meals at Spanish Oaks Golf Club and I had one of those moments. After ordering our dinner the server brought out a small plate that contained a few pieces of assorted bread for us to munch on while we More >

President’s Cup Milkshakes

Written by The Itinerant Golfer
In honor of this week's President's Cup I thought I'd take a minute to talk about one of the special traditions at Muirfield Village Golf Club where the matches are being held this year. One of the things I have learned from traveling around the country and visiting golf clubs is that many clubs have a special tradition or unique specialty item that plays an integral part of the club experience and Muirfield Village is one of those clubs. Before Jack Nicklaus was an icon of golf and a superstar More >