Burger Bill and the Olympic Club Burger Dog

Olympic Burger DogLocated after the 10th hole on The Olympic Club’s Lake Course is one of golf’s most famous halfway huts. It’s here that golfers who are lucky enough to be playing The Olympic Club will have a chance to purchase one of the world famous burger dogs. The concept began in 1950 when Bill Parrish set up a stand outside of The Olympic Club to sell burgers and hot dogs that he named Hot Dog Bills. Before office speak buzz words like “operational efficiencies” even existed “Burger Bill” made the cost saving decision to serve both his hot dogs and his burgers on a hot dog bun. Thus, the burger dog was born.

In 1954 The Olympic Club invited Bill inside the gates and he moved his operation to a snack shack located between the 10th and 11th holes on the Lake Course. In the 1980s Bills daughter took over the operation and still runs it today. If you are going to play the Lake Course at Olympic Club, you have not had a complete experience unless you sample one of the infamous burger dogs. If you want to give it a try at home, just do like Bill and skip the hamburger buns for your next back yard cookout. Let me know what your guests have to say.

  • Brian Sheehy

    No halfway hut snack can touch these! They are amazing!